Friday, January 13, 2006
I don't think it is meant to stick out like that -

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Many years ago I chipped the bone in my little finger, well yesterday it was a bit blustery and as I was putting Alec in the car and the door closed rather quicly and finger and handle collided with a big crunch. Not happy Jan, I don't do pain well and lugging around an 18kg toddler and changing nappies with your elbow is no fun. ok I will stop now or you will never be able to stop me whining :) Alec keeps wanting to look at it and Riley says, mummy, car, owwie, I didn't even say a bad word which is good because the two parrots would be repeating that for sure.
Blogger Chris Millar said...
Oh no Alli, I don't think it's suppose to look like that either!LOL
I hope it isn't still too painful now.
I have enjoyed reading about your experiences with Autism and how you plan to cope with it etc. I can tell that Alec is one very lucky boy to have a wonderful mum like you!