Monday, February 20, 2006
a few may be offended but this is my say after all.. What follows is a pointless rant.

Friday we received our letter from Disability Services telling us here this is what you qualify for, I called to get Alec registered at the Autism Association of Western Australia (Inc) and this lovely woman tells me in the sweetest voice that I am thoroughly screwed over because my doctor didn't send his report off until we called and asked for it so now their is no place for Alec but they would love to put us on a year long waiting list, did I also mention once they start grade one there is NO FUNDING AT ALL FOR AUTISTIC KIDS???? I mean WTF?????? Whacked out junkies get more assistance than autistic kids, and while I was pissed off I researched methadone programs and 20 years down the track 2/3's of those bastards up and die in anycase so why are we wasting $150 million a year of our money on waste!

back to the Autism Assoc, OK so she didn't say I was screwed but we are, because that stupid prick didn't send off that report 2 1/2 months ago, we did not get a place this year, now I know someone that was diagnosed 5 weeks before Alec and they had a place before Christmas, I sat in that mans office on the 29th of November and listened to him dictate his report, what happened then is a mystery but don't you worry he is getting a letter from a very pissed off mother this week.

I spoke to the local area coordinator from disability services this morning and she is going to find out for me what kind of services we can get in the mean time. I am getting Alec assessed by an OT in the next couple of weeks and we will slot that in somewhere, but that will be another $75 a session so we might have to do 3 weeks of speech and 1 week OT, we need both every week but it is $300 a month for speech already there isn't another $300 anywhere, lets face it we don't even have the $300 now, we are living on credit. I just want the best I can get for my baby so he can achieve his full potential and be happy.
Blogger Lisa Pate said...
OMG Alli, What a crap time you are having trying to get help! Hope your letter to a certain doctor puts the wind up them and gets you the funding/help you need.

Lisa x

Blogger Regina said...
Oh no Alli :-(

I would be absolutely livid with the doctor as well.

This health system at times is really screwed up.

These are our children's lives they are messing with.

Anonymous Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...
I am sorry your having these problems. It's just not fair. I can understand why your so angry at the Dr.

And how stupid after a certain time the kids don't get anymore assistance, that's madness. It isn't like the problem will just up and leave their bodies one day when they get to a certain age.

I wish I could help, how frustrating for you all.

Blogger Brooksy said...
What a crock of S**T...Sorry you are getting such a hard time over this Alli, doctors are paid for what exactly? Grrrr

Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...
Alli this infuriates me. ITA with you about junkie funding over people who need it through no fault of their own.

It really sucks that not only are you made to feel like you don't matter but to have that extra financial burden as well is just plain disgusting.

I hope you can find some solution in all of this. :(