Sunday, June 18, 2006
Playing catch up
Friday I kept Alec home from kindy and we had a quiet day, then when the kids had gone to bed Michael and I sat down and went through a box of Andy's things mum sent over. I am doing an album, one page done so far, it is very hard to do but I am going to have a photo day and scan all the photos I have of him and start working out what to do.

Saturday I worked, I was busy and all alone but Lissy was in for a class and Jodi dropped by in the afternoon, must organise my patterned paper today and print some photos and do some shop sample pages!

I've been amazed at how much home time you lose when you work 2 days a week. Back to the usual this week and Saturday I have an altered canvas class, 9 booked already so that will be good.

I'm tired today, Riley woke at 6am!!! and Michael is calling me to come get pancakes.. yummy!
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