Saturday, January 27, 2007
Are they both yours?
When I was pregnant with Riley I was under the impression that he would just be this little copy of Alec, but out popped this baby that does not even look at all related to his brother.

They have gone through times when they look more similar but now isn't one of them. When I picked my glasses up Thursday the girl asked me if they were both mine!! They have my ears and nose but it was a fight for every other feature they have I think. Anyway I think they are both gorgeous, I did a new banner last night with the reasons why I scrap up there for all to see... Alec and Riley
Blogger bloggedissue said...
My dd at this stage doesn't look anything like her brother (some people disagree with me), it will be interesting to watch them grow, see if the become more alike.

Love the new banner.

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Love the new banner!

Well I can see that they are brothers. My 2 girls are like chalk and cheese in every sense of the word. Their looks are similar but their builds are very different as is their personality. A teacher at school had Renae and then got Gemma 2 years later and after about 2 weeks commented to me "I know they are sisters but gosh they are different"!
But that's a good thing I think.
Take care hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous Lissy said...
It is strange what we think our kids will be like..I still cannot believe E isnt blonde as a child!

Blogger Binxcat1 said...
I can see a resemblance... definitely nose and eyes... but then again...different. Don't you reckon our autistic kids have a kind of aura about them... maybe it's the Indigo Child theory shining through. They are both gorgeous in any case and you are allowed to be biased! LOL