Thursday, January 25, 2007
The process
So I have scrap bags (bags of scraps LOL), we have cardstock, big PP scraps and little PP scraps, I pulled out three bits from the big bag, stuck them down and stuck in some staples, sanded my photo made some arrows in word, printed them out, glued them to the back of some heavy card, stuck PP from the little PP scraps bag on the other side and cut them out, sanded them and stuck them down around the WeR memory keepers distressed out word 'play' stuck down the little dot things from the pack, did journalling, justified text on white bazzill same height as the photo, inked it and stuck it down.

I then studied it and my 'stuff' for 10 minutes before deciding it was finished. In an ideal world it would have taken about an hour but in my world there are errands, children, spills and bumps to contend with so it took an hour in bits and pieces over a 24 hour period! I like it, I like using up my scraps!

Some days I spend an hour trying to match papers to photos other days I pick up a photo and it just works, today was a 'it just worked' day, you need to have those every now and then.
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
I love "it just worked" days! It must be catching cause I'm in the middle of a layout that "is just working" which I will load up when done.

I'm afraid I may have upset your other half with my comment on your shopping with Lis post.........Sorry! But my comment was perhaps logical to a woman (only in her explanation to her husband).

Have fun scrapping for 2 whole days! I'm envious.......5 more days til school goes back!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Tara said...
Oh yep that certainly does work.

I finished a layout last night that I started about four days ago. Such a simple layout too, but with a newborn, my goodness!

I'm off to Just Scrapbooking tomorrow for a crop, could be interesting to see how much I get done. lol