Friday, January 26, 2007
Australia Day
was really really hot, so hot in fact it is 7:30pm and it is still 41!!

We had a nice sleep in had some breakfast and went back to bed, I watched a couple of episodes of FarScape took more mersyndol and wandered aimlessly until dropping back into bed around three to wake again at 7pm!!! so that was my day.. how was yours?

I'm off to the doctor on Thursday, I have my list ready and migraines are at the top of this list. I've had enough now, I'm tired of guzzling pain killers that have no effect and being incapacitated for days at a time. I'm over it.

I got no scrapping done surprisingly, I might do some tonight if the room cools down or it is more FarScape for me, Michael would like to go and watch some fireworks but I'm not leaving the house in this heat!

Looking forward to tomorrow, we are off to town for an early breakfast with Lis and Evangeline, we are going to meet up on the train. Then it is home again as we are looking at another day of 41! I'm seriously thinking of moving to Tasmania!
Anonymous Lissy said...
Way too hot :) And yes see doctor as they must be able to do something about the migraines! Horrid things! Migraines that is not doctors...