Sunday, January 28, 2007
I find I am getting alot out of Ali Edwards and Donna Downey's eZines, from Donna I get a challenge to make something with my off cuts and other household detritus and from Ali's I am being made to think more, reassess what I want from scrapbooking.

I applied some of Ali's journaling ideas when I finally did the journaling from Lis and my trip to Sydney and Kiwi Scraps, we did so much, talked to so many people it was too hard to get it in order and write it all down so I simply wrote the first things that came to mind about our trip away.
I've applied this to other subjects and it is great, while it is like journaling shorthand it is more than I have been journaling for a long time and that is a good thing. I was a huge journaler, writing and writing but then life catches up and I couldn't keep up the written record and the visual one so I resorted to post-it note sized bits of journaling in 10 words or less which left me feeling like a bit of a cheat. This is more satisfying, plus it will get me back into the habit of journaling.

We have had temps of 41 the last 3 days, not much scrapping done at all but some things organised and lots of washing done, it will be nice starting the school year with an empty laundry! it will give me more time to scrap those 'first day of school' photos.
Anonymous Lissy said...
I have been a bit slack on the journalling side of things too - must get back into it...and it is TOO HOT here this weekend!