Monday, January 29, 2007
yummies in my mailbox!

I ordered some stamps from unmounted rubber, these scrolly swirls are so so cute and they sent me some freebies, love it! going to play this afternoon

edited to add: to mount these you can either use double sided tape on a acrylic or wooden block or (my prefered method) use EZ Mount and store then on EZ Mount Stamp N Store - Light weight Storage Tabbed Panels (i've just ordered some of these) so the EZ Mount is grey foam, you place your stamps on one side, trim them then peel off the back cover, this foam then sticks to acrylic blocks and for storage stick them onto the stamp'n'store sheets that go into a ring binder.

The foam isn't sticky on the back, it is the whole static cling thing.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Alli, I have been a lurker on your blog for sometime... I was just wondering how you mount these stamps? I received some for as a birthday gift and they are still sitting in their packet even thought I am gagging to use them!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi again - -thanks so much for this tip! I really appreciate it! I should mention also you are an exceptionally inspirational lady. thanks so much for keeping your blog so interesting! Your talent has no bounds!