Saturday, March 17, 2007
The weekend in point form
  • Our friend Vince is our lawn mower man, he came at 8-ish to do our lawn so we stumbled out and picked up toys and rocks, he told me he would drop back a garden bag for us, I took this as a hint we needed to do some gardening, not only did we empty the wheel barrow we filled the bag.. we now have a tidy garden again... thanks Vince!
  • I cleaned off Riley's chalk drawing from the wall of the new studio, took down all the picture hooks and it is ready to putty, hopefully get the first coat of paint on this afternoon (if i can decide on a colour)
  • Justine and Lis are coming to dinner Sunday night, Lis is brining 'something with lemons' for dessert
This is the 'studio' at this point in time! ok so a bad photo, don't have a 'real' camera atm and the room is an odd shape, these are my doors!
Blogger Lissy said...
I just want to get stuck in an paint here too...but a few too many other urgetn things to

Yes lemony thing is looking good ...or more likely in that ..i have the Kitchen Aid mixer, have some lemons and other ingredients bought randomly at supermarket as yet to find the still ahve 24 hours!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am sure the room will look stunning when it is done, can't wait to see, I love those doors.....

Have a great week.

Carole x