Monday, March 19, 2007
yummy yummy.. roast dinner
Poor Justine, she never quiet made it all the way up here yesterday, Lissy and I were sad... but we had a rather luscious roast pork dinner, it was yummy (sorry Justine) along with a g&t and one of Michael 'special' iced coffees we were set!

We had a good laugh, the kids played outside with the hose and Michael made them a gingerbread house, it was a great end to the weekend!
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
:-( sorry Justine couldn't make it, I know how much you were both looking forward to seeing her.

But it sounds like you all had a great dinner and um can I please have a Gingerbread house too??????
Wow I'm impressed.

Your room looks like it is making progress!