Sunday, March 11, 2007
yum yum yum
Went to Scraptivate today on the way home from the markets, it was my reward to myself for still being in one piece. Wont bore you with the details, I only came away mildly insane and the boys had fun, oh except for when my three year old told me it was boring sitting listening to the band... three and already he is rolling out boring!

So scraptivate is very yummy, didn't get to see everything but the boys were all very good and gave me a pretty good look before they started running riot, well Michael didn't run riot, that would be hard to explain wouldn't it.

So when I sat down with my new stuff.. I lurvvvvve new stuff I had to be tough with myself and start scrapping photos I printed and then cast aside, set myself the task of not printing any more until there are gone, here are my first two, I'm getting the hang of the 8.5x11 now I think
Anonymous Nicole Finlayson said...
Oh I LOVE that "Higher" layout. The photo is AWESOME and I love the border detail. It's such a beautiful candid moment, just perfect!

I love the writing on the photo of the "Time Flies" layout also. The swirly border is yummy!

Your work is always inspiring Alli :)

Nic xx

Blogger domestic goddess said...
So nice to see you in a LO Alli!! Great work and I must get to Scraptivate in the near future.....

Anonymous Natalie Wolfe said...
Love these layouts Alli, just fantastic!