Monday, March 19, 2007
a poo in the toilet!
ok I know.. like you didn't feel as though you really needed to know this but Riley not only sat on the toilet for the first time (without being hysterical) he did a poo!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how proud of him I am.

So we are out of nappies! he has been standing to pee for about a month but just wouldn't sit on that toilet, no bribe was ever big enough. Add to that that he has had 8 dry nights without a nappy and I am pretty happy. It took a little longer than I thought but he was ready today and that is all that counts... now the question is do I scrap this? because you know I got a photo of him sitting on the loo don't you!
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Isn't progress a wonderful thing!!!!!!! Perhaps scrap it but getting it published, well that's another thing! LOL


Blogger domestic goddess said...
you know how you have 'hidden' journalling - maybe this time you could have a 'hidden' photo!!! lol what an excellent thing for him to achieve (and for you!!)

Blogger Lissy said...
YAY Riley :)

hmmm...dont know about the page...maybe!!

Still thinking of dinner last night - YUMMO!!!

Blogger mama j said...
We just conquared potty training last week and poo in the potty is an EXCITING THING! My little man had just gotten his Fisher Price "digi" as he calls it and when he did a "really really big one" last Tuesday....yeah, he grabbed his camera and took a shot of it....I've threatened several people, including his Godfather, that I was going to email it to them! I won't scrap it, I don't think...but I will keep in on file, as a "momento..." As for the pride of a Mother...I so understand and have never felt so proud of C. as I have this past week!!!! Wow--can you imagine what it will be like when they do other learn to write and read and score a soccer goal.....??? I know it won't take much to make me HAPPY! LOL!

Anonymous Tara said...
I'd ask him if you should scrap it... lol

We aren't even close to starting training. Elisha is heading towards three, but just doesn't want to use the toilet or potty...

Cayley is three months. I've got a lot of nappies ahead of me.