Tuesday, July 29, 2008
from the mouths of babes or it's your party and you can laugh if you want to
So it is my mum's birthday today HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!! It is also the day Riley spends with mum and dad. On Friday Michael came home with a bag, hoping it was for them Alec and Riley asked what was in the bag, so we told them all about Mutti's birthday and what we had got her.

We all love the stuff from L'Occitane, mum like their verbena range the best so we got her some soap, a candle and some towelettes. At hearing this Alec and Riley are laughing hysterically because we got Mutti bottom wipes for her birthday. We strenuously denied this and explained (while trying not to laugh too) that no, they were not bottom wipes at all but to make Mutti's face feel nice and fresh and tingly, not her bottom. Which was greated with.. you got bottom wipes for Mutti's birthday.. hysterical laughter ensued.

Fast forward to Mutti unwrapping her present today...

before mum could get everything out of the box Riley declares that we had bought Mutti bottom wipes for her birthday.. oh and that Alec picks his nose and eats it but that I (Riley) just pick mine and put the boogers in my hair.

This from my quiet serious child, he really is very funny. yesterday I thought my head would fall off from all his questions but it is a bit quiet here today without him.

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Blogger Janet said...
That's a hilarious story!!

Blogger Sandra Collins said...

Blogger Heather said...
Happy Birthday to your Mum! It's my Sister's birthday today too!
Love your story, which would make a great layout!

Blogger hummie said...
We had a guy at work who used to bring baby wipes. (i was a train driver) Everyone called them bernie's bum wipes. its funny to see it again. nice to have a lovely day.
except for the picking the nose.
do kids do that just to upset us? i just ignore it now, you would think katie would be passed it being 8 but she still picks her nose and eats it. drives me insane

Blogger Lily said...
rofl...don't you just love kids. think of the payback you'll get later on when you tell that story to his futire girlfriends

Blogger KarenSue said...
too cute and I left you something on my blog.

Blogger Jenny said...
LOL, ha ha ha ha how cute Ali !!!

Isnt it nice when they get their own sense of humour? (no matter how warped)

Luv Jen