Thursday, July 31, 2008
Regrets.. I have a few
we all do don't we, missed opportunities, things not working out quiet like we planned, then there are the recurring regrets like this one.

18-55mm lens raw format 800 iso WB tungsten

I regret making this mistake again and again and again, because you know there is nothing worse than waking up to a sink of dirty water with last nights baking dish soaking in it, with the cold fat floating on the surface leaving a ring around the sink when you let the plug out. This is after pulling up your sleeve, closing your eyes and plunging your hand in after the plug.

Will I ever learn..

and why the shot details, well for my own benefit really, I want to start being more aware of these things. Seeing what is good or bad and where and I can improve and what I can improve on. I feel my photography has slipped of late, I have become lazy and I'm relying on photoshop too much where I should be supplying better raw material before I think about tweaking photos.

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Blogger Sharon Manning said...
You can get so much more out of a raw photo can't you! I don't know why I didn't shoot raw before - wait - yes I do - the file size - I need to get a larger CF card! Did you know they now come in 32GB???????? What the!
Love your new banner - you have now inspired me to update my blog - I just need more time in the day.
OK I'm off to Ikea because of you and Lis!
See Ya

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh alli I had to laugh when I saw this post, you are a crack up, that bloody baking dish How dare it still be there lol !!

You sound just like me at the moment, I feel lazy, and buggered, if I can say that.

You have cheered me up today Alli, even if it wasn't intentional.

Luv ya.

Carole xx

Blogger Lissy said...
cold dish water....yuk :)

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
my sink is the same way this morning and I am dreading cleaning it up

Blogger Heather said...
Love this post. It just gave me a great idea!

Blogger Miss M! said...
I'm very lucky in that I don't do dishes in our house... at all. I think it was in our vows.

My husband knows there needs to be a shiny sink in the morning if he wants dinner. :) It works for us.

Blogger Justine said...
So know what you are talking about! This made me did the bottom wipes story in your last post......reminds me of something my boys would come out with! Love dropping by your blog!

Blogger Heather said...
Happy Friday Alli! I left you something on my blog.

Blogger Lily said...
Girl, that photo is a regular event in my house. I'd have to title the post...."why my husband makes me crazy".....or "why does he do the same things over and over although he knows it pisses me off?}