Tuesday, September 09, 2008
all teary
On Saturday when I worked the election I noticed at about 8am my battery was low on charge on my phone so I turned it off to save it. I turned it on a couple of times during the day and collected photos Michael had sent then turned it off again, then at a little before 8pm I called Michael, and he ended our conversation by saying we are sitting in the car park. It was a real heart wrenching moments. The boys had been worried about mummy, so Michael told them they would drive to where mummy was but only until 8pm when they had to go home to bed. Well I was out there in a flash getting hugs from my boys, I had missed them so much. So now here I was all teary having to compose myself to go back in and finish my work with the grown ups, all I wanted to do was go with them. Thankfully by 8:30 I was done and another couple gave me a lift home. The boys were still up when I got home, it was so nice walking in the door and hearing them tell me about their day.

The next thing that almost bought me to tears was a conversation Alec and Riley had at the park that Michael told me about.

Riley turns to Alec and says Awek when we grow up and are dads we are going to have lots of kids so we will have lots of hands to hold and we can take them all to the park to play. Right now they both want to grow up to be dads, with mummies for the kids (Riley did want multiple mummies for a while but still wants lots of kids) and with the example Michael supplies them who wouldn't want to be a daddy.


Blogger Lori K said...
Awwww, very sweet comments from your boys.

Blogger "Grendel" said...
Thank you critter that was a lovely thing to say.

Blogger Julie said...
How sweet Alli.

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
so glad you got your hugs when you needed them

Blogger Lissy said...
gorgeous :)