Monday, September 08, 2008
part of the process
We had a state election here in Western Australia on Saturday and I worked as a declarations issuing officer at a polling station for the day. It was an amazingly long day, 13 1/2 hours for me. Our first voter was grumpy and mean and we had no idea how to deal with him, but we got him sorted and he was the only hiccup in a very smooth day. Thankfully our polling place never had long lines and everyone was in and out within a few minutes. It only really struck me at about 7:30pm when we were counting the votes, WE WERE COUNTING THEM! that I realised the job I was doing. It made me glad to be part of the process.

While I was working Michael took care of the boys, they were taken to the beach and a park all before 8am when Michael bought them to the polling place to see me while he voted.

He also took them to our neighbours 1st birthday party, Alec amazed everyone by holding the animals, hugging a calf, going on a pony ride and eating party food, crackers, cabanossi!!!! I mean cabanossi how amazing, a cocktail frankfurt with the skin on and loads of fairy bread. You can find all the photos HERE but here are a few of my favourite. I so wish I could have been there, I really felt it 1/2 way through the day like I was just not where I was supposed to be but the 250+ photos Michael took helped a bit.

Hug a calf, hug him tight and everything will be alright

This is easy!

cabanossi!!! can you see it!!!

all on a cracker! cracker, cheese and cabanossi!

A cocktail frank with the skin on!!

And my arby parby, he had a wonderful time too.

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Blogger Lissy said...
Sounds like you all had a busy weekend :)

Blogger Kim G said...
Alli, you've been tagged :)
You can check it out on my blog

Have a great week!

Kim xx

Blogger Creative Junkie said...
Super cute photos!

I wanted you to know that I'm going to try your advice about the cast iron skillet seasoning that you mentioned on my blog today. I appreciate the help ... and so does my garbage man as I'm sure he would appreciate NOT having to heave that thing into his truck. He's a scrawny little thing.