Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Today Alec's teacher is away, so is his aide, he is at school with a teacher that doesn't know him. I am so worried I feel sick and I just want to cry. I want to go back there and get him. I am so so tired of worrying, I want some easy and stable for him for a little while is that so damn hard. Is this my fault? it so feels like it you can't imagine how hard it is to leave him there when I know he is going to be confused and uncetian. I don't want this for my baby but this will always be here and I feel so powerless and bloody useless and so damn sad


Blogger Lissy said...
oh dear that is tough :(

Blogger Kim G said...
Oh Alli that is really hard! How did he go today? How can being a Mum be both the best and the worst job in the entire world at the very same time??? {{Hugs}}

Blogger Domestic Goddess said...
Lots of thougths Alli - hope it all turned out perfect and he surprised you.