Monday, September 15, 2008
Weekend roundup
I did a bit of scrapping, a lot of relaxing (including a nap on the lounge Sunday afternoon that Michael kindly captured on video for me) and Alec's soccer carnival on Saturday afternoon.

We loved going to soccer but I was glad of a sleep in on Sunday morning. It was a 20 week season and thankfully we only really got soaking wet about 3 times. On Saturday they played 5 games of 10 minutes each and then the coach, Jude gave out the trophies.

As a thank you to Jude for the fantastic job he did with the kids we had a book made at from all the photos taken over the season, it turned out to be such a hit with the parents that I am putting an order in for 14 books! I know what some grandparents are getting for chrissy this year. I made it and it really is a cute book, I chose the 7x7 size and did imagewrap, which is the picture directly onto the hardback cover. We have had 2 books done by blurb now and are really happy with them.

And here is one of those photos I found. I couldn't think of anything to say about it though. I know how old I am because of the house I am living in but it could be 1985 or 86 but I have gone with 85. I got a few other pages done but they are for Buzz and Bloom and will be going up on Wednesday.

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Blogger Lissy said...
sounds like a busy weekend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What a great idea with the blurb books for the soccer team!