Monday, November 24, 2008
bye bye buzz and bloom
Well I had a great two years on the design team of Buzz and Bloom, I got to play with new products and be part of a team of really talented ladies. I resigned last month because I knew come November/December I wouldn't be able to fulfil my commitments to them. Things are happening right now, not sure if I'm going to blab it all now or after the fact, I'm a bit nervous I suppose. Nothing what so ever to do with scrapbooking but a lifestyle life type thing.

I did finally get a few pages done this weekend, I still hadn't scrapped Riley's birthday from back in the beginning of October so I have some to get done. I'm going to organise my supplies, that always seems to get me going.

I've also cut down my online time, I was spending too much time sitting staring at nothing so now after 2 weeks I almost have a clean house and all my laundry is folded.

Off to the book store and Gymbaroo with Riley today.. have a good one
Blogger Lissy said...
it is very easy to pass a lot of time online!