Monday, October 06, 2008
where did that week go!!!
We have been busy, we had

One laptop computer with internet connection and 3 people wanting to use it
A trip to the Royal Show
Riley's 5th birthday party
Grandma visiting
and the washing machine blew up

So I now have tons of photos to scrap, I was going to do Ali's A week in the life project but I missed a day of photos and never got around to writing anything down, I intend to do some printing tomorrow and some journaling, I may still do it, I love mini albums with a formula, I did my Busselton holiday album like that and I love it
It is good to have my computer back, the internet just stopped so after much fiddling Michael bought a new router and card, installed them and... they didn't work either! but then when he put back the old stuff and fiddled a bit more it now works. I like familiar, I like access to my photos and my printer and my bookmarks.

grandma goes home today, there will be a very sad little 5 year old at my house, well sad after he finishes with his 3rd birthday party tomorrow.
Blogger "Grendel" said...
No, he'll be sad tonight at about 7.30 when big mean daddy only read ONE story instead of Grandma's 4 stories. . .