Monday, November 03, 2008
The last two!!!
I am so thrilled with my 365 days project. These are the last two photos for the book. You can see most of the 365 day photos HERE on flickr.

Blogger Creative Junkie said...
omgosh, what a wonderful idea!

If I can get off my behind, I'm wondering if I can do this for next year. My family would LOVE it!

Good for you for seeing the entire project through! It's going to be gorgeous, and I heard Blurb does some pretty nice work.

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
this whole project is fantastic - you should be so proud of all the hard work you put into it

Blogger The Baker said...
Wow, this project has just blown me away! I found your blog through Mr Grendel's and am so glad I did! I've been reading his blog for a while now (but haven't been brave enough to write anything yet!) but your 365 day project was just too gorgeous to stay quiet about! Beautiful, just beautiful :)