Saturday, November 01, 2008
When it all gets too much
This is Alec this morning while Michael ground his coffee. I chose a cup of tea instead. Noise is such a factor in Alec's stress levels I hate to add to them.

After early intervention finished in 2007 we were left with minimal services, minimal as in 6 visits this year opposed to 100 sessions last year. So we have used it as an assessment year and came to the conclusion we need more help for Alec. I'm sad I don't have the knowledge and tools available to help him so we look outside for help. While we wait for our appointment with the paediatrician we are going to start seeing a child psychologist and try and work on the effects of his sensory issues.
I am sad but encouraged that we are doing something.

Routine is so important to Alec, on school days I have said there is no computer for Alec and no lego star wars for Riley, we marked Friday afternoon the beginning of the weekend and the weekend is when you can play. Alec had been talking about Friday afternoon all week , then at school pick up my friend Ali asked if I wanted to come around for a cuppa... I really really did but I remembered my promise to Alec and we came home and he played happily for an hour. Then Saturday morning he was telling Michael how nice mummy had been not having coffee with Ali, he came and thanked me for not going.. it's the little things like this that make being Alec's mum the best things ever.

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Blogger Lissy said...
Great to have such strategies to help in those situations...and remember you are doing a FABULOUS job :)