Tuesday, November 11, 2008
yuck yuck yuck... and a warning!!!
it seems to be cleaning time here, yesterday I spent far too much time on my hands and knees scrubbing things with toothbrushes and unwinding scummy revolting hair from other bits. Then to day I stripped the fridge, cleaned it inside and out and actually moved it and cleaned under it. No there are no pictures, I did think about it but it was just way too humiliating because it was all so disgusting. The fridge alone took me 1 hour and 48 minutes. I keep trying to justify it condition by telling myself well you know if it didn't have a door I can conveniently closes after grabbing out what I want it would be a lot cleaner than it is. Oh and to make my humiliation complete I had jars of stuff that had use by dates of March 2007. Tomorrow I tackle the kitchen cupboard doors and the pantry.

Now a warning, this is really important. On recommendation from my mum I changed nausea medication, mum said this one was better than what I took now, I need it when I get migraines and vertigo. So Friday I had a migraine and felt queasy so throughout the day I took 3 tablets, by 6pm when I poured myself into bed I couldn't settle, every thought I had ever had was speeding through my head then Saturday morning I woke feeling jittery, overwhelmed and I had feelings doom. It took a while to work out, I kept telling Michael something was wrong with me I felt totally out of control. It took a while but we worked out it was the medication. It wasn't until Monday morning that I felt in control again, the anxiety subsided but I'm still a bit jittery, so please please read the pamphlets that come with medication and if you feel different tell someone, I can't remember ever feeling so awful.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are you on any type of anti depressant at all. A lot of anti nausea meds and the like cant be taken with anti depresants and basically gives you an overdose it can be really dangerous. Cold and flu tablets do the same in a lot of people


Blogger Lissy said...
glad that is all over :) the bad reaction and the cleaning!!