Monday, October 13, 2008
The school holidays and some layouts to share
I love school holidays! Ours were so busy this time around. We had Grandma the first week and we all went off to the Perth Royal Show and then we dived straight into preparation for Riley's 5th birthday party, I can't believe he is 5, both of my boys are getting so tall.

One thing I really wanted to do was keep taking Alec swimming, so we set off for Arena and both boys had a ball I am going to make it one of those weekend rituals and the fact that the pool is heated means we can do it all year. I'm also enrolling them in swimming lessons after Christmas, swimming was something I can always remember being able to do as we had a pool in the back yard

We went nice and early which was just as well because the crowd was really filling out as we left.

Pinata mayhem.. 5 year olds seem to be old hands at birthday parties and all knew what to do, I bought the pulling one and a few little boys were disappointed there would be no bashing.

And here are some Buzz and Bloom layouts I have done recently, I'm loving lots of bits right now, I have to go shopping for some more but every time I think.. yes scrap shop time something else breaks down, my scrap budget now resides in out laundry but you get that don't you.

I had a big title worked out for this but in the end Lego was the only thing that looked right so that is what I went with.

These photos are from January 2004 and I had never scrapped them probably because they are on my wall
I can remember the day he was born so well still and all the other years seem to have gone by so quickly
And I love this, Riley picked out these boots at Harbour Town (outlet mall type thing but on a very small scale)

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Blogger Lissy said...
love the boot layout :)

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
love these layouts and that photo of the ferris wheel is magnificent

Blogger Heather Bares said...
love the layouts!