Monday, September 29, 2008
woe is us..
don't you hate when things don't work, i'm on the laptop right now, we are down one computer because we can't connect to the internet, the network is working it just can't assign itself an number thingy whatsit. So all my links, photos and life live on that other computer, i feel naked without my blog pics folder and my printer. I have to do things and then stick them onto a usb stick and run to another room, drag them off and do what needs doing, plus i hate this keyboard!

but as grandma (michael's mum) is here we are in for a busy week, looking forwards to getting my camera back from dad so i can take some more photos, i need scrapping stuff!

tomorrow we are off to the royal show and then thursday we have party day fro Riley's 5th birthday.
Blogger Domestic Goddess said...
Hope you have a great day at the show Alli - don't forget to park at the school if you are driving in!!! lol