Saturday, October 18, 2008
wrapping up the last 365 days
In a few days I have to finish my 365 days project. Yes I know it will only be November but when I worked out when I would need it ready for printing I jumped back to 2007 and started my 365 day photos on November 1st 2007. This means there are still a whole years worth of photos in the book. These last ones my format changed a little, I took the image dimensions from the book and made collages because while Michael's mum was here we took so many photos I couldn't just do one for each event. All I have to do is a few more collages, check my layout and decide what I want on the cover, which is really hard and the I will send it to for printing, I am ordering 5 copies and they are family Christmas presents this year.

It worked out we were interesting one out of every 3.3 days as I have about 110 pages in the book. I can't wait to see this in print, I am pretty sure I will be doing a 365 day album in one format or another.

I don't know if my paper scrapbooking has suffered because of this project, each photo has had about an hours work done on it from design, layout and creation to placement in the book so it probably has. I just got the last 3 months layouts out to file away and there are 12 of them so I am sitting at about 1 a week which is ok, because that will still add another album to the shelf at the end of the year and in between there are a few mini albums and a canvas or two. So when I feel as though I have become stagnant I make a list (in my head) of what I have done and I am pretty happy with myself.

Blogger Sandra Collins said...

Blogger muirwoodsue said...
I love this idea. I started it, but then....well life happened! How wonderful to document everything.
I also think your time capsule is awesome. He can look back and see what he played with etc at the age of 5.
You are so talented too !

Blogger :: gingerkitty :: said...
cool very nice. I like this a lot

Blogger Staci said...
Wonderful photos!

Blogger Jenny said...
Love it ALi and what a wonderful present and a wonderful heirloom for your boys

I absolutley adore the ferris wheel photo xx

I like the idea of listing what you have done as well - except I am so not a list person

Luv Jen

Blogger BonnieRose said...
it's gorgeous! Blurb is such a fun site, I am in the midst of putting together my own photo/inspiration book as well there, love their site! So easy!