Friday, September 26, 2008
go Alec!!!!!!!!!
I am so proud of this little guy, I was so worried about swimming lessons but he not only did the lessons with a group he put his head under the water!! You know I worry about so much, the list of things people need to know about Alec is pretty long as situations with him can change in a moment. Today is a celebration though he has completed his first level for swimming and my heart is bursting, every achievement is treasured and savoured fully and I love that our friends and family grasp the enormity of this achievement.

We had a few moments the first day when other boys were wearing shorts rather than speedo's and we had a talk and in the end I think he decided it was ok, others were wearing speedo's too, this has been our first I want what everyone else has moment and I nearly caved and got him shorts but I stuck with it and let him know I wasn't getting shorts.

The photos in this layout are pretty average as they are from a phone but here he is in the water joining in. This is design 6 from Donna Downey's book designing layouts, I needed a quick fix and from start to finish this took 30 minutes.

And here is his certificate! Next time he will be doing level 2.

Blogger Renee Lamb said...
congratulations!!!! what an awesome accomplishment!!! i bet both of ya are so proud! love the layout you did of it too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congrats on that accomplishment! Your page design and colours are great! My DS will be starting swimming lessons for the first time very soon.

Blogger suzitee said...
Congrats to Alec...that is no small achievement.
If it makes you feel any better (re the photos) the swimming centres usually don't allow you to take photos anyway..something about public places? I have been threatened with eviction from the pool before LOL.
Love the LO too!

Blogger Lily said...
aww congrats. I think that feeling of pride makes all the hard times worthwhile

Blogger Heather said...
How wonderful! Hooray for Alec! I love your layout too!