Saturday, September 20, 2008
a nice day
at 6 something this morning I was rudely reminded by my first born that it was in fact my birthday.. 42 today, seems a bit unreal I am still coming to terms with turning 30 so 42 has a long way to go before it worries me. So while the kids torment their father before they go to bed I have snuck in to check my ebay bids, I haven't ebay'd for about 6 months so it is all a bit nerve wracking especially considering Michael had me place an $80 bid on some star wars figures!!!! If we win it it will be Riley's major christmas present.

The day started slowly, Michael went for a hair cut then came home and helped me clean the house, mum was coming you see. She also told me off for having him help me, apparently it is against nature, you wouldn't think she was a teenager in the 60's would you, very skewed view of male female roles. Mum bought afternoon tea and we had a nice visit, for once they didn't have to rush off. Michael and I made dinner together and then he washed the dishes.. don't tell my mum!

The boys were a great help, Alec washing tables and scrubbing pots, he even cleaned the bath for me, he and I took a quick trip to the shops to buy him a bionicle, which he loves! you see he lost his second front tooth, we had to write the tooth fairy a note because we think this one is in the bottom of the swimming pool at Arena. So we spent his tooth money.

Now I am off to read a book and have a bit of cake, my house is clean and my boys are on their way to bed. It has been a nice birthday, lunch with Lissy yesterday and a family day today.

Life is good.

and for the twopeas blogger challenge today.. I love this, it is a time capsule I made for Alec in 2005, it has so many memories inside, I must ad to it. I made it from a postal tube

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Blogger Lissy said...
Sounds like a nice day :) Happy Birthday :)

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
that time capsul is a fabulous idea

Blogger Domestic Goddess said...
Happy Birthday Alli - it sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing day!! Love how you have't come to terms with turning 30! Never do - it is what keeps us young at heart!

Blogger Rach said...
Happy Happy Birthday Alli!

Hope the rest of your Birthday weekend is just as good.

Rachie x

Blogger "Grendel" said...
So what is the answer to the question? What is the meaning of life?

Blogger Iris Flavia said...
Happy Birthday from here, too! :-)

Good idea of you how to handle it, too ;-)
The time capsule is just great also!

Blogger milkcan said...
How totally cool! Love your time capsule!

Blogger Casdok said...
What a fab time capsule!
And a belated happy birthday!

Blogger Heather said...
Happy Birthday! I haven't come to terms with turning 19! After awhile it just becomes a number and it's not relevant anymore anyway! I love your time capsule. That is such a wonderful idea.