Wednesday, September 17, 2008
any quilters out there?
I am going to make a quilt, because you know it is almost summer and we all need a quilt in summer and what else would you want to do when you have sewn 3 things and one layout, a quilt for your bed seems like a natural progression to me.

But seriously, our new bed is too big for store bought packaged quilt covers, the cover needs to be 270cm (108inches) but all the packaged ones end at 245cm (98inches) see a huge difference. So me a novice at everything material or sewing have done this.. (click on it see how clever I am, I'm sure it is right)

So taking into consideration that material is 44inches wide from 2 yards I could cut 6x22in squares, to make my quilt, I want 25 squares, that would be the diagram on the right, all the different symbols denote different patterns, see I am pretty smart sometimes (remember I have not in any way taken into account the bits you actually sew up, I'm assuming I will be putting a border around it) and why on earth am I working in inches you ask??? well I have been browsing etsy stores and they are all in that foreign language of imperial while I am a metric gal.. but have calculator (and google) can convert.

Oh and I love these.. I want this first pile but wait for a gag moment, my room is a rich shade of grape.. the second would be more apropriate. But can't you just see how revitalising a quilt in this material would be.
So if you are still with me, here are my questions

  • after I back it with the wadding stuff (got to love that wadding stuff) do I back it with anything else or do I sew just the material together first then do the wadding stuff and the back........
  • this is where you can tell me I need to buy a quilt making book but until then you can help
  • do I sew over each square.. I know you are thinking has this woman even ever see a quilt.. I'm still thinking about the answer to that one.
  • final question are you laughing at me yet?

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Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Alli I am no expert but I'm pretty sure you sew all the squares together to form your quilt top. Then you can add a strip border to the edges if you need to make it larger. Then you attach the wadding (usually using lots of safety pins) and then the backing fabric (which can be made up of strips, blocks etc to get to the larger size of your bed). Now there are people out there that you can send it off to now that will machine quilt it for you in a pattern of your choice or you could stitch it yourself around all the squares to secure the 3 layers together. As I said I am no expert but this is the way I know of.
As for colour combos choose what you want - you can always paint the wall a different colour. (Sorry Michael!!!!!)
Hope that helps! Good Luck!

Blogger Lissy said...
oh yes I am laughinh...but I can help a previous life (about 15 years ago) I have done quilting!!! The hardest part I think is the getting someone to do that so you do not have lots of bumps and ripples and stuff would be a good idea...or just pin well and stitch in the ditch (where the joins are)...and yes just paint your walls to go with some of that yummy fabric...but a simple quilt isn't too hard...the binding around the edge can be tricky too...maybe you can buy ready made binding?? Next suggestion...go to a quilt shop and pick their brains! And hopefully there is a more knowledgable blogger out there to help!

Blogger scrapperjen said...
Hi there! I'm a very beginner quilter - so take my comments for what you want! :)
Your fabic is beautiful!
All I do is wadding and the back (lots of safety pins). You will put each piece together.
No - no laughing here! Good luck and can't wait to see it as you progress.

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
I have no clue about sewing of any kind but good for you for making a quilt - I am envious. I love those first set af materials - gorgeous!

Blogger Heather said...
I'm so excited about your new project! I love the fabric in the first shot! But I can see how the second shot would better suit your colors. I think the first two comments gave you great advice. My gram was a quilter and I'm sure she never used a book. She just did it. But her way sounds like what was described. My advice, take your time and be patient. Sewing can be frustrating. Oh, and get yourself a good seam ripper!

Blogger NancyJones said...
The only thing I know about quilts... is my grammaw made me one out of all my fav clothes from when I was little. ANd that it GOES on the bed but I was never allowed to sleep with it (mama didnt want to have to wash it) made no sense to me... heres a blanket but no, dont use it to keep warm haha

I LOVE the material patterns you have on here I am sure it will be beautiful and would love to see the outcome.

(I just am purty good with glue Im not so much a sew kinda gal your making me have bad horrible flash backs of home ec 7th grade.... aaaaaaaaack)

Blogger *Nikki* said...
i know nothing about quilting but i envy you in trying to make one..i wish i could learn to do it!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Alli I am laughing and I love your idea i have the same problem with my bed so maybe you could make a quilt for me too!!!! hahah I am no expert either but sharons on the money i think. Love the materials but the greens are GREAT

Blogger suzitee said...
Not laughing, but applauding! Good on you for having a go.
Sew all your squares together first up.. a 1/4 inch seam allowance is usually the 'norm'and give it a good iron. A strip border is usually the easiest...measure from the middle of the quilt to each side using a tape measure, and cut strips of fabric to match this measurement (this method ensures that your quilt will end up square!)and sew them on. Repeat for the length, making sure you allow for the strip you've sewn on. Keep going with this until your quilt is the size you want it.
As for the quilting...I always have mine done by a professional! It can be a very tedious and HUGE job with the size you are talking, and very hard to achieve a good result on a domestic sewing machine. I know of a couple in Perth, one that is VERY reasonable.
If you go this way, you will then have to attach the binding, which is not so hard :)
Hope this helps...feel free to contact me if you need to xx (through my blog)

Blogger Condi Scrappers said...
Hi Alli

The previous message has all the tips on how to sew your squares and borders together, there are a few other cheating option you may wish to consider. The first is that you can buy quilted calico from spotlight which is basically your wadding and backing fabric combined in one so 3 layers becomes two and is alot easier to handle.
The second short cut is to join your quilted layer to the backing with decorative buttons where your squares meet it has 2 benefits. One you don't have to sew anything together and if your joins are slightly with quilted squares the button covers the small error and you can quite easily do it yourself