Saturday, December 06, 2008
days zero to six
well here I am, this is the first day I have been coordinated enough to type or use the computer. Sleep has been terrible, I think most of it is just the hang over from the anaesthetic. I've been pretty pain free until last night when I had to get up and take a tramadol, all my incisions were aching.

You see on Monday December 1st I had gastric banding surgery.

I put a lot of thought into this over a good 12 months, then when I got my appointment with the surgeon it seemed to take forever, then suddenly all my appointments were done and I had started the 2 week diet before the operation, I had a type of optifast shake meal replacement thing, it was quiet yummy I just got mine from the chemist because everyone (even the surgeon) said optifast was revolting.

So from a start weight of 130kg between the shakes and the operation I am now 118kg, 12 kilos lighter with 48 to go!

The whole hospital visit was uncomfortable, for a private hospital they were pretty average, I was put in a rock solid winding bed, thankfully I had a great night nurse, she got me a new bed at midnight, then come morning she pinched me a big lounge chair from maternity. I made good use of my buzzer, you see they had to take the leg pumps off and disconnect the drip every time I needed the loo, which was about every two hours. 9:30am a cowboy of an orderly pushed me through the main lobby of the hospital in a gaping gown for a swallow test, I hadn't even been allowed a sip of water. The barium was bitter and revolting but I wanted that test done so I could go home. A glass of water kept down for an hour and I was free to go. Unfortunately all the dehydration had given me a migraine so it was home to bed for me.

Each day I have improved, I might be able to read a book today, yesterday I did a little laundry and cleaned the boys room using the picker uppers. Today we are making Florentines for teacher gifts and even though sleep still is a little strange I feel a lot better.

I am on liquids for another week then I start on soft food. This is a second chance for me, I owed it to myself and my children to be here, each day I am feeling better about this decision.

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Blogger Lissy said...

Blogger jill said...
Alli, all the best and big wishes for a speedy recovery.

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Way to go Alli!! You wont look back honestly - best thing I ever did!! The wind pain is pretty awful for the first week - but you get through it and it is great. Call me!!!

Blogger Lee said...
Wow! Alli, good for you. Best of luck and I do hope you receive the results you want. Hope you're up and at 'em quickly :)