Thursday, December 11, 2008
first big outing
that is if you can call grocery shopping an outing, I could think of some good other things to call grocery shopping with Riley but we wont go there.

First stop was the doctor, he was pretty excited about how well I am doing, he sent me for some blood work though because we have to see if I need to take my diabetes medication or not, I'm not right now and my blood sugars are pretty good. I just hate the thought of having to take those huge tablets which means I would have to crush them and I bet they are so yummy!

One nice thing we did was go and have a coffee, so cool to be ordering the small size, I still couldn't finish it. From there I managed the spend $270 on 2 weeks groceries, atleast this week it looked and though I had that amount of groceries.

I'm tired now and my side had started to ache a little by the time I got home. For lunch I had a cup of soup and found that quiet satisfying. Only a couple more days on liquids and then I move onto puree food, I am having a few lumpy bits in my soup right now and finding those really manageable. I'm still super nervous about eating actual food, will it get stuck, will it hurt or be sharp and horror apon horror will I bring it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School church service tonight and a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and it will also be Riley's last day of school and now we are two weeks from Christmas day!! the boys are so excited about Santa, we walked past Santa today and Riley says...

Actually mum, I just need to tell Santa sumpfink quickwy

Poor Santa is starting to get anxious, my boys are changing their minds or trying to add to their list and unfortunately for them that boat has sailed and is on its way already.
Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
omgosh, I wasn't aware that you had had surgery!

I hope you recover quickly. I've heard such good things about this surgery, and that all the discomfort is eventually worth it. Can't wait to see the "new" you!