Saturday, December 13, 2008
I survived a McDonalds birthday party
Only just!

I never knew 7 boys and their siblings could make so much noise. We sat there going.. WHAT? PARDON? WHAT WAS THAT? the noise was incredible. I treated myself to a chocolate sundae because I'm still not big on coffee and fizzy drinks give me air, you see it isn't gas but air, it sounds really weird and feels very odd.

Today we are doing a few around home things, tomorrow I will start de-constructing the studio, it needs a good clean and an organise and I really have no idea what I have anymore. Then during the week bit by bit I am going to get the house ready for Christmas decorations. I'm sure I need some more so I might have to go shopping for some new additions, you can never have too many baubles for the tree, well you can but this way you can rotate them for variety.