Monday, December 15, 2008
what day is it today
and what day will it be tomorrow and what week is next week called.

The constant questions of a five year old, he is obsessed with numbers right now, more so now that he has a freddo frog advent calendar. Thanks for that mum!!! Mum pleaded the grandmother and said it was her job to spoil them every morning for 24 days with a freddo frog for breakfast. The first thing out of Riley each morning is a check on which day we are having today and so far he has been right every morning. I just make sure they spend an extra 1/2 hour outside playing to work off that freddo.

Sadly Michael's mum wont be with us this year, she went to England to spend time with Michael's sister. I wasn't sure if the boys really understood that grandma wasn't coming this year and that was confirmed friday night when Riley asked what day we were going to pick up grandma. I felt really sad for them, but I am going to get Michael to set up skype so we can have some time Christmas day with the other 1/2 of the family all the way from England. He just remembers that every year grandma is here.
Blogger Heather said...
You have been busy! Glad to hear your surgery went well.