Sunday, January 22, 2006
Inner peace
we didn't start the weekend with any I can assure you, we just had tons of self doubt and loathing...

why can't I do it like the other girls do it.. why can't I do trends and products? am I really just a fake and everything has been a big fluke, because how can such rigidity be artistic?

Then I realised.. I do me, I am simple and relatively unadorned, if I did anything else or forced what I do I would be being untrue to myself and whatever else I wanted out of this craft after a record of our lives would be seriously devalued. I still want to be like the other big girls but I need to accept that this is me, back to the whole 'love yourself for what you are' thing.

So here is my simple scrapbooking. (click on the images for a bigger view)


Blogger Mistra said...
Alli... don't you dare think you can't play with the big kids!! You're an absolute genius and I ADORE your work. There are no rules that say you have to have every product known to the scrap world on a page {although it does look cool hey!!} Alli - you scrap for you and your kids, that's what the games all about! And I'm sure all the 'big' kids in the playground will agree!
Oh and the LO with the brown background - stunning!

PS... thanks for visiting my blog, I was touched you left a comment, now about this scanning you need done... I'll be happy to help if you want! LOL!!

Blogger Marie said...
Alli, your work is beautiful. It shows your photos not the products. Do you know, your children aren't really going to care what kind of product you use or don't use. They will be happy that you have created a beautiful story of their memories. I'm going to say it again, your work is beautiful. I admire it.

I've been playing around the last couple of days doing some layouts and one of them, I put layers and layers on. I kept adding to it. After a break away from it, I pulled the whole thing up. Why did I pull it up? It just wasn't me!

Keep being yourself and your true ability will always shine through.


Anonymous Justine Quinlivan said...
Alli, your work is fantastic! Your photos are always the focus and that's why I find your work so appealing. I do know how you feel as I have often felt the same but like you said 'be true to yourself'! BTW I am really excited about working with you at the Craft Fair in May.......very anxious as this will all be completely new to me but I will be sharing the experience with you!!

Blogger Regina said...
I absolutely love your work!

I too think, why can't I throw on lots of embelishments etc onto my LO's, and then I realise to do so is not me!

Anonymous suz said...
yep. the thing about fabulous photography is that it doesn't need much embellishing. and these look just brilliant to me - it truly is the stories and the pictures that will matter in the end. even in a few months time!

Blogger Kathy Pitt said...
I just wanted to say, I LOVE your style! I love how your pages look so elegant :) Wish "I" could scrap like you!