Friday, January 20, 2006
Here is a quick one I did tonight

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Alec's obsessive behaviour can really be seen when he plays with trains, he knows the island of Sodor inside out, knows the name of every train, truck, bit of track you name it he knows it. He loves to line them up next to each other or in a line on the track and we were able to catch all his Thomas' in a row the other day. He plays with them all but only happy Thomas has a place in his pocket.

For this week Thomas has been usurped by Arthur, as Arthur has been missing for 4 months now, we knew he was in the front garden, but not where, Alec was often seen poking under bushes with a torch in his hand mumbling 'poor art-ur he missing in da garden' well Tuesday night Michael looked down and there he was, filthy dirty but intact, he hasn't left Alec's side since.

Speech was good yesterday, he did so well, I had to tell on him to Chris because he wont do his homework sheets with me, he does them the way he wants and then yells when i try to say otherwise, this makes it really hard as we need to do them every day!

He is so excited about kindy now too, only 2 more weeks to go.