Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Shop stuff
I am liking this, go in get given products go home make things..

today when I was in the shop (scrapbooking to di for, Mumford Place Balcatta! LOL) a delivery arrived and I beat Lissy to the Basic Grey undressed chipboard hardware! Lissy's 1/2 is in a baggy and if she is naughty I will have to tax hers. Anyway this is what I did this afternoon..

bazzill (ofcourse!)
Melissa Francis paper
BG chipboard
Heidi plastic letters
wholly cow boy rub ons!
junkitz button

this is the journaling -

Even though it had been a warm day you wanted to have your turn at dress ups too, We had bought out the wading pool so you and Alec could splash around, Alec went and found his ladybird raincoat and pooh bear welly boots and you thought this was something you weren't going to miss out on.

You ran up and down the back yard yelling and laughing asking for the hood up and then walking into things all the time. Once the two of you had finished with the pretend rain and puddles you both played Buzz Lightyear and went to infinity and beyond, unfortunately the wading pool didn't survive, you used it as a launch pad while i was inside making afternoon tea!

click on the image to see a bigger version!

Blogger Mistra said...
Oh this is gorgeous... and those brackets {BG are they?}... I so want!! Love the journaling... precious! You take the best photos!

Anonymous Susan (smiles1965) from said...
Excellent layouts you have made lately. Wow your talented. I love seeing your creations. Well done.

Have a great day :)

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Alli, this is superb! Love the spots and the brackets! And the little barcode!