Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Thank you
For all the nice things you said girls, it is amazing what you gain by taking up a new hobby. I remember the first crop I made myself go to, I just wanted to pack up and run home I felt so out of my depth. I went back again though and from that forced participation I am where I am today with so many friends, at no time in my life have I had so many friends, I feel very lucky.. and talking about friends :)

Monday I did canvas's with Jodi, Nic one of my other scrapping buddies had a birthday yesterday so we went out to dinner.. yummee kins!! A Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai restaurant, and get this, $7.90 each!! and we ate well, it was loud and the service was non existent but the food and company was great.. Then on Friday I am going to a sleep-over!! Jodi, Nic and hopefully Lissy and I are scrapping..woohoo we haven't done a scrap night since September.

Mistra.. Yes any hints on scanning my slides and negatives would be much appreciated..

Justine.. Email me so we can talk about the fair! I'm so glad you are doing it too, they told me they were asking you but I haven't heard any more..

have a good one girls! I'm off to finish my class notes and samples